Looking for a large PVE Corp/gaming group

Ok, I need a good high-sec/low-sec Corp (I’m in Amarr space now) I want to run missions, incursion, Triglavians, worm hole exploration and all the high end PvE content. I don’t want to build or mine and want a laidback US time zone Corp. I come with myself and another guy who are returning to eve after 10 years. Light pvp is fine, at this point I want to focus on the game content. I just spent the last year as Hegemon of a server in Nova Empire and want 0 to do with management or politics. I want to log in, see what the team is doing and then join in or not.

My crew is not the highest SP (20/20/10), but we are very active and good people. Respond with your MO, how many players you have and where you operate.

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@Bsod_Xo I would be interested in holding a conversation with you so you can see if we fit your wish list or not. A little about FAYN

We are a medium to large sized PVE focused group who rent system in Fountain (this allows us to focus on game content rather than sov timers etc. We are about 150 actual people split into two major TZ’s (EU and US) both are relatively evenly populated. Usually we hold about 5-15 people on comms doing a range of activities from Mining, Exploration, Abyssal sites, Ratting, DED running and optional local / small gang pvp.

That is us in a nutshell but be sure to check the link above and see if we are worth your time to investigate.



Very interesting. You said that you rent space, so how much actual territory does that give the players access to?

Second: what method is best way to have the conversation? Your site showed discord as not being active.

sendt you ingame mail from New Eden Police Force, ;o) enjoy :sunglasses:

Do you have a public discord we could speak on? I won’t have access in game for another 5-7 hours

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sure here u go… https://discord.gg/hfsxyuh

Hey buddy yeah we have a discord and such. Messaging here or I can drop you into our discord. We have two systems to do what we wish in but there is also lots of space outside the rental program to abuse :slight_smile:

Well, this seems to be a nice little match. Though we do live in Null sec, it is NPC null sec or the grey space between SOV and the Low Sec / HS areas.

We have a little pocket we make isk in, Indy, PvE, missions, Abyssals etc in. I would prefer we get to chat in discord to ensure we would be a good fit though. Come check us out if you like.

The alliance has about 120-130 people in it. Usually 20-30 Active but we want to grow more.

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