Looking for active Alliance

I am based in Amarr space. My corp consists of me and my alts. I am looking to join an Alliance that operates primarily in High / Low sec.

No I do not want to join another corp. Using my own Corp for the ease of shared hangar space and industry management is a must have quality of life measure I am not willing to give up.

I do Invention / Production mostly in modules but I do vary from time to time and have my own decent BPO library including all T1 ships cruiser and below.

I have combat characters as well as industry characters. Ranging from <1 mil queue alts to 100+ mil combat focused pilot.

I am interested in finding an Alliance to join to broaden my day to day options as my industrial endeavors are very low time investment and I spend a good amount of my time doing PVE combat content.

Contact me in game or here.

Hello, this is the KIRIN alliance. We are recruiting new friends. The alliance focuses on low-sec five-level tasks. If you want to play null-sec games, we also have them here. If you are interested, you can Add my discord Tang Chamberlain # 2572

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