Looking for Active US PvP Corp. Returning after 10 years over 70 mil SP, Cap and subcap

I’m returning to EvE after a 10 year hiatus. I have more than one account, each of which are PvP focused in skill sets. Two of my characters exceed 70 million SP;

What you get:

  • An adult who is rusty, but was a pretty solid PvPer.
  • US time zone (mostly).
  • (Somewhat haha) Chill in RL, but loves aggressive PvP tactics
  • Very active in PvP, but probably will need a few weeks to get my bearings. Much has changed in 10 years.
  • Have a family, so will not be able to always be there when I or you want me to be, but my attitude is cooperative, supportive and when I’m on I’ll do what the corp is doing.


  • One is intended to run Tackle, HACs, Battleships and other ships of the line, and can jump into almost anything with high proficiency that existed 10 years ago.
  • The second also has strong sub cap skills, and also has a carrier.

10 years ago I was in a small PvP corp that was part of a larger alliance.

What I’m looking for:

  • Active US (mostly) time zone.
  • Small roaming and large fleet PvP are my favorite activities. Previously I most enjoyed ganking in wormholes, but I also really loved large fleet battles.
    *Preferably part of an alliance that also has other PvP corps.
  • Preferably a ship replacement program for active PvPers .
    *Active discord.
    *Bonus: Some industry or controlled secs for missions, or other means of ISKing so I can support purchases (beyond ship replacement).

Please let me know if you think I and your corp may be a good fit.


Hello Trader Jjenna!

I think we might be the one you’re looking for! if you happen to be interested in a low-sec corp come check us out o7

Down Under Syndrome is looking for any corporations looking to make piles of isk in the Placid/Syndicate region. We are also looking to recruit more PvP pilots to the executor corporation:(Occulus Rifts | Corporation | zKillboard)

Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
lots of moon mining
Safe space for lvl 5 missions
Well experienced fc
Ratting Space
Fleet pvp
roaming fleet

What we offer:
Over 50 BILLION per week in the most valuable moon mining opportunities
ACTIVE pvp fleets across 4 regions
Access to low sec AND null sec ores including crokite and arkonor
LOCAL market place used by the alliance as well as our allies
WELL MAINTAINED infrastructure and experienced leaders, each with more than 10 yrs experience
SRP program designed to keep you flying
Reliable Allies and a long standing reputation as being a dependable friend and a fearless foe

Must meet the minimum 20,000,000 (20M) SP requirement

Visit our Discord for more information if this opportunity sounds appropriate for your respective corporations

Hey mate, we’re primarily an EUTZ group however we have a growing USTZ that would be a perfect fit for you (Around 10-20 actives depending on day), come check us out, and if you’re interested throw a mail to ‘Count Darwin’ ingame, or join our recruitment discord: EWI Recruitment

Our USTZ does alot of small gang roaming/camping stuff, we have SRP for fleets and plenty of high value moons, including a bunch of R64’s, so we definitely tick all your boxes :slight_smile:


How’s it going you would fit right in with Into the ether, we had all quit for a time and came back together about a year ago and have been going hard ever since. We have great FC’s run our own fleets and blood. More then willing to help relearn eve we all had to do it, most of us came back with wives and kids so it’s all about having fun and living life. We are in null sec pure blind our in-game channel is “keebler moon elves” hope to talk to ya soon

Out of the Blue. | Alliance | zKillboard

Hello Jjenna,

First of all, welcome back!

Second of all, I am from The Celestial Cartel. We are a primary NATZ and AUTZ corporation that likes PVP. I will be honest that at the moment, our PVP side is lacking due to where we are currently staged but that is set to change soon as we redeploy to nullsec to take sov again. We have a strong industrial background aswell, though yet again due to our current staging that is on hold as well. With that aside, those drawbacks are set to change very soon, and we will be back to our full industrial and PVP capabilities. We also like to take pride in our member-first orientation and our experienced leadership.

For more information or our discord, feel free to take a look at out recruitment ad :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope to see you out there o7

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