Looking for advice to round out my skill training

Isk doubling does require skill. Skill I do not have but it takes a vivid understanding of the market in more than a handful of items.

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I attempted to create some player generated, capsuleer driven, engaging content in Dodixie but it was, I am afraid to say, rather unsuccessful as of yet. I am no easily dissuaded or frustrated capsuleer, how could I be and also a successful businessman at the same time?
I ran a failed “Staff Of Jordan Swap” with an Imperial Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer I accidentally bought for my Myrmidon thinking it would fit into the mid slot like the Omnidirectional Tracking Link. In my defense, the art model looks exactly the same and sounds similar and, well I am still learning.

I made a mistake, and I could have sold it back at a roughly 20% loss, but instead I tried to turn it into a way to generate some quick ISK injection and get a feel for how things work and at what pacing they develop. Turn the bad into some good, flip that smile upside down.
Making Mountains out of Molehills as they say…

-The setup
How the Staff of Jordan Swap “event” used to be ran is like this. Wait until the Auction House had no Staffs of Jordan left, as it was a desirable staff that was a random world drop, and that could carry you through a lot of content for a long time from the range of level 40 I think it was all the way up to the first raids. It was a good staff and sold on my server for roughly 400-500 gold depending on the availability, but most people wouldn’t pay more than that no matter what. So we would hold onto one in the bank, and once the AH was out of them we would list it for 800 gold, which at the time was more than nearly anyone would pay for it on nearly any server.

-The Sting
Now to get fish to bite the hook of this player driven narrative story content event, a “buyer” would use the local trade and global chat windows to advertise a purchase request of “WTB Staff of Jordan paying 1000 gold right now”. Now most people are friendly, helpful, good hearted and good natured and they would whisper you and inform you in a very friendly manner that one is indeed available in the auction house for even less than we are asking, hundreds of gold less, an amazing deal to be had for sure! But every once in a while, old reliable, trusty greed would seep into the hearts of the Orcs, and all they could see was gold. Gold, gold and more gold. Hundreds of gold, all you have to do is snatch the staff up off the AH, turn it for a fast profit by selling this rich whale rube the staff that you buy, and its a quick, fast, easy 200 gold, and the rube is none the wiser! What could a little bit of profit hurt? Zug zug!

Well, needless to say I learned to never underestimate peoples greed and the capacity for it to behave nearly instinctively, much like a fight or flight reaction. See gold profits, monkey neuron activates.

So, we have an Imperial Navy Omnidirectional Tracking Enhancer I that we accidentally bought for 5 million ISK.
Well, whats the price on it in Dodixie.
Whats that? There’s none listed in Dodixie? Hmmm, we better fix that.

So into Dodixie local chat we go to advertise our request to purchase one of these rare items, as we are part of the -Doctrine Buyers Club- who buys “Rare” faction items hardly ever seen popping up in the market.
-We advertise in Dodixie local chat that our organization pays 62,800,000.00 ISK for these rare Faction drops, and we desperately need 10 of them yesterday to fill our clients faction fit buy order.
-We create a sell order for 50 million ISK for our single unit, the sole existing one for sale in Dodixie, and the entire regions market view! R A R E Faction drop drop drop (echoing salesman voice)
-We create a buy order for 620,800.00 x 10 (to make it seem like it was just entered in short a few zeros)
And we reel…and we reel…

I was whispered by a very large number of people being very helpful and assisting and kind, directing me to evemarketer, telling me they are for sale in Jita for only 5 million a piece (so low, can you believe it?) and I can fill my whole corporations purchase order and save hundreds of millions of ISK mmmmm sweet sweet ISK, telling me some reprobate scamp was trying to pull a fast one over on me and hoodwink my ISK.

It didn’t work, no one took the bait…errr…engaged in the player driven narrative in game content. Everyone has instantaneous access to the entire EvE Universe market at every station selling and buying every item in every system, and people are apparently more likely to look up a modules value on evemarketer than they are too look up how freely sending someone ISK to “double it for you” is not a good idea. People started to publicly spam local saying it was a scam, or that people are trying to scam me. Next thing I know, faster than I would have believed, someone went up to Jita, bought out a bunch of them, came down to Dodixie and listed then for near what I was asking and undercut me
What nerve, what audacity, what outrageousness! To undercut a Staff of Jordan Swap in game capsuleer driven and generated community event?!?!

Some interesting market developments and fluctuations have occurred, reverberating through the entire market. The price is now doubled, much like I would do with any ISK sent to me and return it to you. That seems like a very easy way to manipulate the entire markets price, I am just still new to figure out how to get it to work for me. Yet.

And it gives me an idea…I will see if by adding an extra step to the Staff of Jordan Swap I can get a hook into a mouth, it will be the Staff of Jita Swap if successful, and I will report back. It will take some effort on my part and time. Control both systems supply and price, people will travel to the other system to buy up the “deal” to transport and sell it at the other station to “undercut the rube”. Perhaps we can still depend on old trusty faithful greed after all…I shall set this “event” into motion to generate player narrative story content and see where it leads…thanks for reading yall.


I actually started many moons ago by bootlegging Tobacco to NPC orders

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EVE markets just don’t work the same way as in WoW. You won’t be able to pull off these scams because there are so many ways to counter-scam you in the process. If you absolutely insist on trying, you’ll have to find exceptionally uncommon items (but not necessarily exceptionally expensive, think low-tier versions of officer gear), create the market orders in different regions, and watch your buy orders like a hawk to be able to cancel them in time.

In all honesty, it would take less effort being a legitimate trader.

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The margin trading skill would have allowed you to pull off the Staff of Jordan Swap, but that skill has been removed because it was pretty much only used to enable people to pull off such tricks.


Ah…you need Walletanium mining. What people sneeringly call ‘pay to win’…but then it really depends if you enjoy mining or missions or whatever. I hate mining and I hate PvE, so Walletanium is the natural choice. For about £10 worth of PLEX you can have 1.2bn ISK or so. And unless one plans to lose expensive ships on a regular basis its really not something one has to do all that often.

What’s more, for all the sneering, it is people who buy PLEX that actually enable the entire ability of people to ‘PLEX’ their accounts…as without the ‘P2W’ people there would be no PLEX for such people to buy.

As for ‘P2W’…not doing the grind is no more a guarantee of ‘winning’ than doing it. Both grinding and buying PLEX involve a cost…one in time and the other in money. Thus far, the cost of my Omega subscription over the months is way more than any PLEX bought…and I’m not so desperate to ‘win’ that I spend 1bn a time on skill injectors that are to me a waste of time and money.

I have about 200 ships across 9 characters…the most expensive being a 1.2bn Nightmare, and several Apocs and Ravens worth about 500m each. But one of the things I love doing is seeing how much ooomph I can get out of smaller ships…hence my 700 DPS ( laser ) and 850 DPS ( heavy neutron blaster ) Gnosis variants, and others.

Hmm though if we can now design how our Stuctures look in space, what if we could only design our own ad that contains some form of message using that new currency?

By appling a fixed cost to an ad that a Capsuleer can share their message to local would require spending credits and resulting in a massive reduction of ad spam.


Make way for the spam of the new

New breed of chatbots


If you haven’t worked it out, no hope for you sweetie. He is quite clearly legit, Zaera endorses ISK doubling services.

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Today is the day! Make it count!

Your annual bath?

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I Frostpacker CEO Demand that you reply to that evemail so please no more beating around on the bushes. Right now I need your full attention on a very important issue.

oooooooo Zaera’s got a secret message oooooo


You do know that what it might contain isn’t of value to you so just keep out of it!

Oh, just something about desiring my corpse, such a romantic.


1 billion isk, he knows the fee.

So in keeping up with my regular forum hobby of trying to figure what the heck @Iceacid_Frostpacker is talking about at any given time, let me see if I’m up to date. Has he now moved away from @Aiko_Danuja after he was unable to obtain the attention he desired, and is now looking to get @Zaera_Keena corpse? I suppose it’s good to keep your options open, you don’t want to limit your weird stalker obsessions to just one person when the whole universe is available to you. Good luck in your future endeavor.

If you had of read what that eve stated then you would not be typing the above reply as the evemail in question doesn’t concern you and secondly did not exactly mention that what how it is being twisted in her reply above.

If you’re writing a book I would happily fill you in on the details but in respect Frostpacker Wilkie yo keep that paragraph of said evemail a secret.
/ in closing the evemail in question is on topic as it focuses on pilot skill and training to become the better pilot!

Sir I’ll have you know that the contents of all of your eve mails will soon be known to me as my lawyers are preparing multiple subpoenas in preparation for a large civil lawsuit against you after you horribly impugned and slandered my character by calling me an Ahbazon smart bomber. Were we living in a more dignified time I would simply slap you across the face with a velvet glove and demand satisfaction, but times being what they are a contentious lawsuit will have to do.


I was hoping that I had of been smartbombed in that system. We spoke with the main Criminal and rest assured the conversation went well.