Looking for advice to round out my skill training

Frosty, Frosty, do behave. You insult the Princess’s people you Dumb Oaf.

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Frosty, Frosty, does not believe he insults the Princess’s demon hounds you Dumb Frozen Olaf

Which one are you Zaera Keena? The one of the Left, Right or Middle?

btw I know where the key is located!

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But do you have the courage to use it? :wink:

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No, I currently don’t possess the courage to even log in at the moment as I might find mys`lf donating everything I have over to Sargon!

You know who Sargon is right? He is the one who trained Jody Longbuck to help keep this on topic.

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Sort of wish that there was some thievery skill to train.

We could use it to steal the NPC distribution misson items and say that we delivered them and still collect the reward based on the level of Thievery the pilot had trained. @Uriel_the_Flame


What did you say?

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We will never know

Who is the community?

turns off jackhammer I said: don’t go to Rekall. A friend of mine tried one of their special offers, he nearly got lobotomized.

Princesses kryptonite will never work on me ever again!

What have you been feeding that thing?

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Mostly blondes.

That made me laugh. You owe her 1 billion BTW for being cheeky.

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Frostpacker is back in the black missy!


How much isk would it cost me for you to roleplay with me at that speed dating event this month? Your pilot and my pilot and bring something bigger than a cat for your protection @Aiko_Danuja

//Contract Accepted



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I run over your cat with my cat @Zaera_Keena

I had taken your advice it is still in the queue.

I had just gotten into my first T3 Cruiser

Next up will be the

Frosty sweetie, they are no good for mining, you not gonna hit a rat with a Large Blaster - trust me.

Inb4 the Proteus lossmail with a regular belt rat (not diamond) killing off the T3C. :face_with_hand_over_mouth: