Looking for an alliance... Alliance found, post is closed, Thx to all

I am a multibox player focused on pvp and industry. Currently nine toons spread across four accounts. Two mains, one at 65mil sp and one at 55mil sp, the rest are specialized.
What I can bring to the table:
One: Production. I build ships, T1, T2, T3, and Capitals. Also T2 Modules and Rigs.
Two: PVP pilot. I fly BLOPS hunter, dropper and bridger. Logistics, mostly Scimitar and Basilisk, capital pilot as well, though I prefer to fly sub-caps. Many other ships also, of course.
Three: A reasonable 73 % green killboard. 83% Isk efficiency.
What I want:
One: An alliance home, NOT looking for a new corp.
Two: Discord Comms that are not filled with porn videos.
Three: Preferably NPC null, but might consider Sov with the right people.

Seker Matar is a new alliance looking for corps to join. We’re small but looking to add some like minded corps into our alliance and help make it stronger.

We are mostly indy and mining focused but do have a pvp element to our alliance. We are based in highsec and have access to a c5 wh for resource mining as well.

Come by our discord and we’ll chat Seker Matar

Or you can message me in game Varina Vengari

Hope to hear from ya

Thanks for your reply. sorry, but I am not really looking for Hi-Sec or Wormholes. Good luck to you.

Red Skies. is a new Pochven-based alliance that seems to tick all your boxes and would be happy to have you on board. Join “Red Skies. Public” or message Apex Deception or me to discuss in game.

Sent you a mail ingame, thx for your interest.

come check us out o7

[US/AU] Low-Sec Alliance based in Placid/Syndicate Region Looking For Corporations - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

Rakeem, thanks for your reply, but I really am not looking to be in Low-sec space. Sorry.

we are base in low-sec but its literally just 2 jumps away from npc null and do have some structures in npc null. if you happen to change your mind just check my post that i link and there should be a discord link in there o7

Osiris Syndicate is based in Sov Null close to NPC Null. Come ask any questions you want.

Thx Frazer, but I don’t meet all of your requirements.

Thanks to all who took the time to read this and correspond. I believe I have found what I need, So this post is closing.


Reading your post I think we may be worth investigating. We are an alliance who lives out in NPC Null with a focus of building our PVP ability. At the moment we have multiple fleets a day trying to achieve objectives while we are outnumbered, and getting some very interesting results.

We are not a hardcore, streamlined PVP group but we are learning and growing with some success. We also support a healthy Industry profile that has moon access from R4-R64. I would be interested in holding a conversation with you to see if this is something that suits your requirements.

Drop me a line in game if you want to speak more.

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