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I am a returning noob looking for an alliance and some friendly people to provide a home for my now basically empty corp. I want to learn and progress through the game but I love the light roleplaying aspect and want to collect like minded people, so I was hoping that instead of joining a large corp and giving up on mine, I could join up with an alliance that appreciates my style and could help me progress while I stubbornly refuse to give up recruitment. Basically I am a religious fanatic and the head of group called the Church of the First Flame. I want to “…cleanse infidels with holy fire…” and all that. Realistically, I would accept anyone in, so long as their actions are ‘in the name of God’, and wishful thinking has me hoping for enough people one day with some variety in their pursuits that the Corp might grow into a bit of a self sustaining and proud one. Of course, the role playing is mostly for laughs and personal enjoyment and none of it extends much beyond a meme. However, I want to become a threat like any other corp in due time. I’m looking for a serious alliance with a good name, and I guess I was originally looking for an Amarr alliance but I wouldn’t mind being the religious division of any alliance lol. Before life hit me hard almost a year ago I started my recruiting and at one point found a large Amarr alliance that thought I was funny and was going to take me in for PvP among other things. But ■■■■ hit the fan and I had been gone ever since, only now returning and here to stay, ready to really get into EVE. My Corp and character should reveal everything about my style and IRL I can talk on Discord and am 100% conservative, dedicated to meme culture and am immune to insult. Find me a home.



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Join L2p, cause pvp, rats, and stuff…

If you are bored, we are not bored, you can flex your caps, or you know a rorq or whatever you flex with we dont care.

Also we have that one angry german guy…

I am so friendly! Whooo boy am I friendly. Man did you see how friendly I was to bob the other night? I friendlied the ■■■■ out of him.

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Hello Hassk,

The Corbulo Academy of Navel Science aim is to provide a fun and entertaining experience to all its members through the dissemination of in-game knowledge and solid leadership. The ‘Corbulo’ intent is to operate as a combat organization first, with the added divisions in Mining, PvE, R&D, PI, and Manufacturing of ships, modules, munitions, and capitals for its members and its income. The corporation wants to create a high skilled group, specializing in tactical fleet compositions, and focusing on the fun side of eve. This has been written to give a clear direction for the corporation and defines marked but ambitious, yet achievable goals. The ‘Corbulo’ first and foremost is a combat orientated unit. We believe success comes from strong leadership, Quality training, good diplomacy and the ability to smash are enemies in the face.

If your interested please contact me in-game.

P.S. The light roleplay has me interested

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