Looking for C3 or C4 WH corp seeking +1 pseudo-member

I will not be joining your corporation due to reasons but I’ll still be willing to do any requests/activities that benefits your group. I’ll still provide any information required such as ESI API and anything else you request.

I’m specifically looking for a group that’s centered around small gang activities with a mix of the following:

  • US TZ
  • Any kind of group PvE/PvP activity
  • Any kind of dumb shenanigans

What I offer:

  • 3 characters
  • Can fly various T2/T3 cruisers
  • Loki Booster
  • Previous experience living in a C5
  • Willing to do any kind of WH logistics, scanning/rolling/moving stuff…

If you can accommodate me not being in your corp then then please contact me! I’ll do everything a corp member does without the green square. Discord: Cloud#5301

Let’s talk

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