Looking for Corp in My Area

I’m getting back into the game and want to join a corp that’s active in my area. I don’t mind a few jumps, but I’m not interested in moving at the moment.

What I’m looking for…

A corp active in Verge Vendor or nearby regions like Placid, Essence, Genesis, Sinq Laison, Syndicate, Black Rise, Everyshore, or maybe Cloud Ring.

An introduction to PVP, but not factional warfare or anything that would mess with NPC standings. Is fighting over POCOs a thing? That sounds fun.

Bonus: A group that has synergy with my existing activities. I have lots of planetary commodities to sell. I also purchase hauling services. If you’ve got a stable market for trading or a place for research, that would be great too.

Who I am…

22M SP character, mostly in trade and PI but currently training drone skills.

I will always be a casual player. I’m at the stage of life where game time is hit and miss. If you require constant attendance, I’m not your man.

I don’t want to give your corp access to all my information. If you require that, please move along.

I like stealth bombers. I just got back from flying around TZ5I-S and watching the action (or non-action) there. If you’re looking for someone to drop bombs, I’m interested.

I like collecting and upgrading blueprints.

come check us out o7

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