Looking for corporation / NPC regions Angel or Guristas

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Hello I plan to spend some time in game, returning after long inactive period
looking for a npc pvp focused corporation likely from npc region (Angel , guristas standings ++)

EU tz only , I am a player from Poland (married)+ child on the way :slight_smile: so not so much time I counting on tight crew and normal CEO which will not kick me after short inactive period
30y +


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Hey :).

I recently joined a corp in guristas space myself. They roam most nights. And lots of pvp. They also run L4 burners together etc. Not something I do myself though. If you want you can always jump into the discord and chat in the public channel. https://discord.gg/7rYegr
Or join the ingame channel. Kings Beyond The Wall


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We have several Brits and one Fin, so come on in

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