Looking for dedicated burner mission runners (Venal)

Our offer is very simple.

You can do as many missions you want.
You wont have to pvp unless you want.
We got structures where you can have your ships.
We got a logistics route in place (Jita <—> Venal).
You have to register your toons to our seAt,

Want to know more please join our discord server below

do you like burner missions then make sure to join our corp and get all the benefits that comes along with it

We are still looking for burners mission pilots

where are all the burner mission pilots

we are still open for new burner mission runners

we are still looking for dedicated pve pilots

bump for new members

we are still looking for pilots interested in guristas burner missions

Do u have a discord ? Or can I send me a message thx

Hi there m8

We do have discord, thats our coms tool


we are still looking for dedicated pve pilots

do you like to make great isk then you better talk to us and see what we can offer you

Bump to the top

You won’t have any obligations at all.

Do as many burner missions as possible and just take advantage of our structures and make as much isk as possible.

Talk to us

do you have a toon that you want to use for isk making. Then check us out

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