Looking for EVE ship(s) 3D models/data

I dabble in 3D renderings.

Here’s a BB-8 unit done from a concept sketch I found online…

Well, I’m looking for EVE ship models to render and redesign. I was directed to Triexporter, but I’m not sure it works anymore as all the info I found on it is years old. Is there a repository of EVE ships in 3d formats ready for download?



Use the Triexporter - works just fine (very rare crashes).
You need the latest granny2.dll => look at this thread for the download:


I export the model to 3ds and flip the UV mapping on Y-axis in Blender UV edit (scale by Y -1).
Most textures can be used as-is (I use blender 2.79, because blender 2.8 doesn’t have the DX format import add-on yet, so if you want to use that then you need to convert them to PNG in GIMP).
For the “which texture contains what” look here.

My Blender (2.79) shaders for the models can be found here:
Amarr shader

Caldari shader



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