greetings… as title says, looking for a hisec or lowsec indy corp not more than 10 jumps from a main trade hub. i got some few wishings, that can be fullfiled or not. i’m applied with 2 toons on t2 production. (both are alts)

  • have deployed or rented structures with rig bonus to modules
  • no more than 10 jumps from a main trade hub
  • dont need moon mining (any mining at all)
  • a structure able to make copies/invention
  • can join in small pvp/pve ops
  • i can contribute a lot for corp library (t1 and t2 bps)
  • help hauling for corp (DST size, blockade runner soon)

one or more of those demands are negotiable, plz mail me or reply here for a little chat.

Hi Diamond. If you are still looking for a corp look us up in game. Stratotech Industries. It would appear from your list we are what you are looking for.
We have the facilities, the location and supporting infrastructure.
Pm me in game if you are interested and we can talk more.

Found a place allready , can be closed. Thanks all

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