Looking for idiots to join hanging by a threat

Looking for

Exploration - which is boring
Alliance Warfare - which is fun unless ya get blobed
Fractional Warfare - can be fun
Pirate Life - which is bad but gets kills
Small scale gangs - ya will die usually.
Friendly - oh ya we will help ya.
Roleplay - I guess.

Area of Operation

Onnamon I - State War Academy

And where ever we roam looking for a fight.



Time zone.
All of them.

Friendly fire

Illegal and concord will get ya.

Hi and welcome

We offer

  • 5% Tax
  • A nice home
  • Mining fleet
  • Mission Running lvl1 to lvl5
  • PvP
  • Preferred age 18+
  • New player Friendly
  • Discord
    So come and join us make friends and have fun oh and Real Life is important.

Bump! :smiley: :smiley:

OK I might qualify for this group LOL. What is the general area most of this will be taking place and when there are ops with mining fleet what is the active time for this.

we are staged in onnamon for ops and ather activeties for more info plz get to our discord Hanging By A Threat


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