Looking for Incursion Fleet

So I’ve heard that running incursions is very lucrative however I have not been able to find a fleet that I have the appropriate skills to join, I am wondering if there are any incursion runners that run shield fleets since that is where the majority of my tanking skillpoints have been invested.

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There is a community that run everyday incursion fleets and yes they are with shield tanking and shield logis. Register here for Warp To Me incursions and first read rookie guide. Guide is not long so you can join your first fleet within 15 minutes of preparations (read guide, register on WTM site, get a proper fitted ship, join chat channel and Team Speak 3 comms channel).

The thing works like this:
Login and post your fit on a waiting list, when FC approves your fit and you come in line you’ll receive fleet invite in game.
After you join chat channel Warp to Me Incursions you’ll see in MOTD where’s location of incursion and in what system fleet is operating at the moment.

PS. Your fit must be one of these.

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Alright sounds good I’ll be sure to get it all set up, thanks!

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