Looking for info on a particular Guild

I want to know is Goonswarm Federation and American Alliance? Was the guild/group born by USA players?

There’s no “America” in New Eden, but you may visit Ameinaka.
RL: Goonswarm is way too big to be only US based. Think global!


“Guild”… :scream_cat:


No such thing in EVE.

goonswarm is international. There are members in it from all over the world.
In EvE they are called corps rather than guilds. o7

The original players were from the USA, yes, but goonswarm has grown immensely since then.


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So there’s dumb/misguided people from bad universes. Happens. Meanwhile, see category names and identifiers.

My experience, you probably won’t find a group bigger than 10 people and have them all be Americans.

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