Looking for mining Corp


To say about myself, im very new to the game, don’t have 2 months playing yet but am a very good and fast learner. Try to play as most as can during weeks and on weekends. Im specializing in mining only at the moment, not interested in pvp or anything else right now. I can fly up to T2 mining frigates, on my way to exhumers. Can mine ores and ice at the moment.

Im from latinamerica, don’t mind having a Corp in Spanish or English.

Im looking for a Corp that specialize in mining most of all, with a friendly and mature environment, also that welcome new players.


What is wrong with eve uni?

Nothing, but i im trying to find some corp that specifically does mining, at least most of all other things.

I will attempt to contact you in-game to discuss you joining Spectral Incorporated, hope to see you with us soon!

Hey well i Just seen your reply sorry been busy last few days sorting stuff IRL for xmas haha

We do a lot of mining if you are interested we have ore, ice and moon goo :smiley:

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