Looking for Minmatar Lore Experts for Mind Clash episode

Hey friends, this coming Monday I am hoping to cover some Minmatar Lore on The Mind Clash Podcast. I have noticed some threads here showing the rust some love, so I thought I would put out an open call to gather some guests. If you are well versed on some Minmatar lore or roleplay, please contact me here or on twitter (@kaeldecadence) and I will get you hooked up to our Discord.

Given that we are in the middle of the Liberation Celebration I think it would be great to cover everything Minmatar for an episode. We record live every Monday at 7pm Pacific, 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern, 0200 EVE


@Khaprice this sounds like something for you :slight_smile:

I will try to be available. It’s in 4 I the morning, Tuesday, for me, but i’ll get up for it. I don’t have twitter, so send me an eve mail or something.

Trust in the Rust

Edit. Thx for the invitation btw

I’d also be interested otherwise to take part even though I’m not confident in my spoken english (nor expertise in Minmatar lore), but being in the EU TZ it’s also around 4 in the morning on a tuesday for me, so not exactly ideal. But if you have trouble filling the spots, I’ll see what I can do, drop me an evemail as well if that’s the case.

Will this be recorded and uploaded somewhere? I would love to hear it… But It a bit late Eu time wise

Here is a link to that episode Teinyhr.

Mind Clash Episode 94


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