Looking for old friends

I’m looking for old corp mates and friends, have not played since 2010. Shubb, Rusty, anyone out there? Found Hunter, looking for more tou space but jobs. And in not listing all the names.

It probably helps if you add some Corp names.


b.b.k. corp
Fcon alliance
Providence 2008 to 2010
I knew guys in in all the alliances down in that area CVA, Severance among others.

Hey, it’s you! You still owe me 160 million ISK!

Well if I owe you 160 mill isk your not on the char I owe lol

I guess I’m off the hook

They are all goonswarm now, everything is goonswarm now, devs are in the goonswarm, CSA is goonswarm, all under one big hive.

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I guess I’ll be shooting goons and friends is cva with goons to

That’s a long time ago game-wise and irl. If they’re still playing they might not be reading the forums. Sadly, the forums are only a shadow of what they were then. I hate to say it, but the reality is you might want to try on reddit.

Welcome back.

Oh - and you owe me 1.6 bil from before, you know.

Oh I’m on reddit I’ll find who I can I guess

why don’t you just use the “people and places” search window in game. Type their names, find them, and send them an in-game mail or convo them?

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I’m also looking for the person to WHOM I sold a toon to years ago. Had 110 Mill sp when I sold him off (just before skill trading became a thing).

I’ve offered to let him be stripped to 5M SP, and still pay 25B ISK just to have my OG character back.

Desimus Maximus, You’re my only hope!

Please… please. All I want for christmas is my toon. :cry: :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I once bought back a char I had sold earlier. 3 months later I remembered why I sold him and did it again.

I have been but they seem to have not been logging in the dlastbfew months

I’m looking for one of my alts too and I forget the chars name lol. This one my friend was suppose to look after for me while I was away for a while. And his main has not loged in for a while. An other char on this account is still in his corp lol

Then go to evewho, look up the corp and look at their join history and you’ll find that character’s name.

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So what should I call myself a noob, a re-noob, noobro lol10 yearsvaaways a long time and well let’s say the fittings are completley different

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