Looking for old station background sounds

Hey all,

I’m an old and retired EVE Online player, who spent quite some time back in the day (~2008-2011), mostly hustling goods around Jita and Amarr :slight_smile:

I was usually studying at the same time and hence developed sort of an emotional connection to the dock station’s background sounds and music. It looks like they have been replaced since (maybe even twice?). The only sample from that period I could find is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xQ3cfnYkkk, but I remember there were more ambiances in the Amarr station alone (one was more religious-sounding with a choir and a solo male voice).

Is there any repository of these old sounds and ambiances? Or would EVE developers still have them stored somewhere and agree to share them with us?

Many thanks!


You might try asking CCP on their Facebook / Twitter pages, also the CCP Dev’s are a lot more active on Reddit then they are here in the Official Eve Online Forums.

Checked Soundcloud, did a search first for Eve Online and got a lot of results, I then added Amarr to the search and got this:


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Thanks a lot DeMichael! I’m afraid SoundCloud doesn’t contain the recordings I’m after, but I’ll try asking on Reddit/Facebook then!

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