Looking for Price Check on 55m SP Rorq/Super toon

Hey guys, as the title shows im looking for a pricecheck on my toon: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Jessie_Cherufe_Kumamato
Info for the account:
Positive Wallet
No Killrights
High Grade Slave set, Mid grade omega. + ‘Noble’ Hull Upgrades HG-1005 located in Kinakka’s freeport Keepstar.
Full Mid-Grade Ascendancy Set + Mid grade omega.
Currently Located in a Nullsec Citadel- Will move it to wherever you would like before the sell.

If i see a price i like, and the person is down to buy i’ll sell it.

Prices atleast over 46b; i can extract for 46.8b.

Got another. Thanks

No remaps, sorry.

It does however have a rorqual currently that I could add into the offer for the price of the rorq, or i could transfer the rorqual off if you would prefer.

Assets are not allowed to be part of the purchase price :smiley_cat:. You are more then welcome to leave things behind

When is next remap available

Ah sorry, missed that. Checking on the next remap.

Edit: Next remap is 2018.09.14

Is there a current bid?

48 Billion

Are you still interested in selling your character?

Nah, Changed my mind. Sorry

50 Billion

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