Looking for PvP career advice

A little about me! My main is skilled in mining, exploration and mostly frigate combat with good core skills, around 20M SP. Will be training mostly combat/PVP skills from going forward. My other account is an Orca/booster/freighter pilot, currently training trading skills and looking to get into manufacture some day. Want to keep him corpless for freight purposes.

My main is currently in Signal Cartel. Allthough I enjoy playing cat and mouse with the hunters, the pacifist lifestyle is not for me. In the past I’ve done mostly mining, exploration and some faction warfare with Black Shark Cult. I found it very difficult to achieve successs in 1v1 combat and the learning curve to be very steep. I did love the narrative/roleplay in BSC. I’ve had a short stint in nullsec as a part of Co2. I found it highly impersonal and it seemed I was underskilled for mostly everything.

I’ve been pondering for weeks what I want to do going forward. Im looking at a few corps in particular:
-Exiting, unpredictable WH gameplay. Potential for high value targets. Cloaky sneakyness. Seems like a relaxed, cool and yet skilled corp. Enjoy their youtube content. Roaming playstyle, the universe is my playground and my reach is long travelling through thera.
-Con’s: A whole lot of scanning. I find it OK, but it might get extremely boring. Hard to find targets? No objective oriented conbat.

Stay Frosty/A band apart alliance:
Pro’s: Free to do whatever I want. Rich scope of targets. Interesting alliance with opportunities for PvP, WH life and industry. Very focused on high skilled solo combat. I like rheir general “philisophy” and their eveoganda blog.
Cons: Cant partake in FW allthough living in null. Pirates, but dont do much of “real” pirating in terms of PvP for profit. “Meaningless” combat, combat for combats sake. No “endgoal” or objectives.

Aideron Robotics/FEDUP:
Pro’s: Seems well organized. Access to both null sov and FW warfare. New player friendly. Interesting narrative to combat. Context and meaning to combat in terms of FW ans SOV holding. (Albeit in the end meaningless in terms of FW?). Seems like a good learning environment.

Purely wormhole life. Seems to be not primarily focused on PvP, but does “everything” in WH’s. Interesting concept with setting up freeports in WH space all over. Cant find much about them online.

So, what do I want to do?

  • Look for profitable combat. Hunt ratters and explorers solo or in small fleets. Do BLOPS.
  • Do some exploring and put my exploration skills to use, scouting for fleets, combat scanning, make isk doing relics.
  • Have regular access to WH space.
  • Set up PI on several chars and make the most isk I can from it.
  • Use my industry/transport char to do something meaningful for a group, and also make isk for myself.
  • Maybe do some profitable group PvE.
  • Git gud at PvP.
  • EU timezone friendly

What I dont want:

  • To be yelled at in fleets or mocked for lossed
  • F1 monkey combat (allthough having the opportunity to try fighting in a large fleet would be good.
  • Something too big to get to know anyone
  • Constantly rolling WH’s (seems extremely boring?)
  • Have some sort of long term goals or things to achieve in my group.
  • EU timezone friendly
  • No activity requirements (My free-time and work schedeule varies, and I play other games).

Thanks for reading all of this! Im looking for all opinions and advice regarding what to do in Eve. Feel free to correct my wrong assumptions. Im also open to looking at other corps/alliances than the ones mentioned

Hi mate have a look at us. We are pretty chill but verry PvP active. Seriously all we do is PvP. Hit us up on discord or in game channel. Flick through the add and see if it tickles your pickle.

Thanks, I’ll check it out! Could you describe how a typical PvP roam that you guys do play out?

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Everyone gets a chance to FC, if there’s no fleet, call for one and lead on if you feel comfortable but other than that there usually somthing running. Generally the corp is a learn as you go, we let you stuff up so you can learn from your mistakes and be prepared for some feedback/ criticism as its all part of the learning process but we are not to harsh if You stuff up.

In short, we find somthing we ping it we kill it. There is no shortage of roams. As its literally all we do.

If you want to learn we are the corp for you. If You are comfortable in PvP step up and take out a fleet.

I would be happy to chat with you on discord and you can get a chance to feel for the general corp attitude

I hope that gave you some sort of an idea as to how we run… If you have any questions please feel free to hit me up on discord as I’m always on it

AU Internet Space Pimp

Just sent you chloroform on discord… I mean propagander/ bible salesman pitch on discord to answer some of your dot points.



Hi @Bramlorn
Nice LF thread.
Having read it, i think you would enjoy FUN inc
We are small gang pvpers, and seek likeminded players - check out our ad here.

Thanks, im checking all opportunities presented! :slight_smile:

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No problem - if you fancy coming to a couple of fleets, you are more than welcome to - discord dets in my post above!

Either way… Good luck! :slight_smile:

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