Looking for smallgang corp (AUTZ)

Hey everyone,
I’m looking for a PvP corp.
Becouse i like SoloPvP and Smallgang in Null,
It’s desirable to have a base on C2 - Null Static.

I place importance this:
・Many targets. No blues.
・Some AUTZ Activity
・Smallgang focused

And, i’m a japanese player, so not speak English fluently.

Yo Jaratyoro. If you like pvp, you can join RUTHLESS REGIMENT. check our corp in game and submit application.

We have an on-going war and we have fleets everyday. There are plenty of tragets everyday all day. You will feel at home.

hajime mashite!!
We speak no Japanese and have a weak AUSTZ, nor do we have a c2 to null but hear me out
We do have a c2 with static c3 which often has exits to low/null and our other static is highsec which is great for getting new ships and taking a more casual approach to wormholing (I myself use thera exits as well as various jump clones in stocked npc space) and when we have low members online its your time to have fun solo so it balances out rather well, after all if you enjoy solo you wont want to be in a gang all the time anyway!

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