Looking for some Epic arcs


I re-started the game some days ago on a fresh account. And I like the experience. I was never a very good or dedicated player, I played some 6 months 5 years ago. So its not like I have that much experience.

What I like is to do some basic exploring - mainly Data sites for some quick money. But what I am actually looking for is some space opera like epic story arcs - be it missions, raids or dungeons (maybe). Is there any instanced content in this game that can be done together with co-operations? I must be honest EVE trailers sold it to me.

I also want to dabble in pvp, probably something like Factional Warfare, as Im not too keen on space piracy, but would like to join some quick fights between players.

Any tips on where to start? :slight_smile: thanks!

The only instanced content in EVE that can be played co-op is the Abyss. There are multiple Epic Arcs, and you can run them with other players, but they are not instanced.

And even Abyssals are only “instanced” in the way that during doing them nobody can follow (unless in your fleet and in a ship the trace can handle). But these traces you enter are still visible for everyone else and when you come back (and you have to come back within 20 minutes, else you die), there can be other players out there that tankfully will accept all loot from your wrecks after shooting you down. Even in HighSec.

have you tried to google eve + epic + arc?

it is not instanced, but nothing prevents you from doing them with some friends…


Yeah, ok! I am not looking for instanced content. More like end game stuff that corps or alliances do on regular. Preferably PVE stuff, although PVP i don’t mind.

Just looking at the Equinox trailer - And seize the dream of a star system entirely under your command… Is that some utopian slogan or is it as fun as it sounds. And I understand that this would be all player (corp) created, but how do you get there? :smiley:


Recommended reading: [Forum Post: How to find the corp that is right for you]

but what am I looking for; - which corps have this type of content?

Alas, just about every corp will tell you it does everything. The truth is that many of them actually do everything, but not equally well. Beware also of statements like ‘Real Life comes first’. It’s deliberately vague.

They also have requirements - which you should read carefully. Their adverts generally make clear what they expect from you and it’s as important a list as the one containing their activities.

With all that out of the way it’s really a question of narrowing down your expectations, joining a reasonably large corp and just giving it a go.

You need to do a bit of research first because if you keep corp-hopping after finding your current home unsatisfactory, it will look unattractive on your ‘employment’ tab. Lots of short-term corp memberships will not impress corp recruiters willing to consider investing time and ISK in accommodating you.

Good luck with your search!