Ideas for PVE megathread - Part 1

EVE needs content that brings people together at a corporate level. There is only a small handful of PVE content you can engage with as a fleet. One of those being incursions, except since their release, incursions are mainly ran by groups. Not corps. So you are pulled away from your corp to run incursions with a bunch of random people. And the other forms of PVE are no better. L5’s are interesting but highly dangerous and most people in high sec corps won’t run them. This game feels very solo oriented right now, except for PVP. But even PVP has its problems especially in large alliances. The feeling of being surrounded by people and yet so alone in this game makes it hard especially for newbies to stick with the game.

Here are some PVE suggestions that aim to get corps fleeting together and solving this problem. The more PVE content you bring out the more engaging EVE will be, the more people will stick around. You changed wardec mechanics for high sec corps. Now bring us the PVE content we so desperately need!

Corp level NPC invasion:
This is a mechanic that hits every corp in the game, randomly. Every now and then you will see NPC fleets swarm the station you are at or harass your players for a while. Think of it as a miniature incursion, except these are the rats that are native to the space you are in (Amarr/Blood Raiders, etc). The NPC’s would not attack anyone else, and would also be illegal to shoot at. They would only target your corp and not shoot at anyone else. The reward for killing them would be decent but nothing outrageous. Not even incursion rates.

The NPC’s would come in large fleets, and would scale depending on the type of corp you are in. Corp type would be limited mainly to location in space:

-High Sec: You would face NPC’s similar to L4 mission rats
-Low Sec: You would face NPC’s similar to ones you would find in L5’s
-Null Sec: Mission rats would spawn in depending on the fleet composition of you and your friends (Carriers spawn carriers etc)

A corp with multiple stations across New Eden would face NPC’s given the location of the dockup. For example, the invasion could hit a corp that has a citadels in low sec and in high sec. The invasion would hit that dockup and harass the players there.

Rat Types:
Amarr - Blood Raiders
Caldari - Guristas
Minmitar - Angels
Gallente - Mordu’s

Places they would spawn:

  • Stations
  • Stargates
  • Citadels
  • Belts
  • Anomalies

Fun Fact:
These NPC’s will follow you in warp, and also jump across systems, although if they don’t initially target you but instead a dockup, they will not follow you. They will follow only what is initially targetted. If a ship target docks, the target is switched to that dockup.

These NPC’s would scale according to your fleet comp, especially in Null. So if they spawn in on you, and you are in a frig, you will see mostly frigs and maybe a few cruisers, a relatively small fleet. As more of your friends come on grid with their ships, new spawns are triggered and they get bigger. This applies to all areas of space. Alliances could get huge incursion-like fleets harrassing their dockups in Null. This would bring content that makes players fleet up at a corporation level and try to hammer down on the NPC’s.

Player triggered event:
L4 mission agents would offer a second option (as opposed to just offering missions). You can now trigger some sort of fleet PVE event. This could be considered missions L4.5. Not quite an L5 but bigger and badder than your typical L4. You would need a decent fleet comp for these “events” (5-6 players, including logi). Think of it as somewhere between Vanguards and L4’s.

The NPC’s would be tough and the risk would be high. I would recommend rat types as I listed in my first suggestion. This even could be triggered by anyone brave enough to do so. Of course, as with L4’s, the event would be triggered within a 2 jump radius. You could also combine this with some sort of mining aspect too. Spawn these NPC’s with lucrative ores to mine. The yield would be up to you to decide, as would the monetary reward for killing the NPC’s. It would be cool to have all sorts of operations happening within the event. Covering for your miners while they mine the ores would be a better reward than “mission complete”. It would encourage all types of players to get together and fleet up at a corporate level.

The event would still have a goal. One could be “mine all the ores”. Another could be “destroy the [NPC] station”. You could have these “missions” span across a couple systems too. Like “escort the convoy” that takes you 2 jumps and into a pocket, fighting NPC’s across gates etc.

These are just 2 ideas with more to come. The overall focus here is to give corps PVE content that they can run fairly regularly. Things that encourage fleeting up for the content. High risk content that offers decent rewards. Take me up on my changes to the mission system, or don’t. At the end of the day, EVE needs to offer corps, especially high sec corps, more reasons to work together and accomplish goals. That is what I have indirectly been trying to say on these forums. We need more PVE to get fleeted for at a corporate level.

As I think of content ideas I will be posting new threads.

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The corp content is to compete with other corps for space. Why not try to play the game we have?

No, -1.

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I liked the approach they made with the Burner missions. Fewer but tougher NPC’s with PvP mechanics sprinkled in. I hope they expand on that. But i guess that’s more PvE-Endgame content and more for vets because you have to know the game mechanics pretty good.

What i allways wanted to see is friendly NPC’s in missions. Let’s say your mission is to destroy the shield generator of a station in your frigate and as soon as it’s done, an allied Task force jumps in with carriers and finish it off. Or two NPC capital ships fighting each other in the background and you have to clean up the frigate escort to allow a bomber wing to come in and finish the job. Or actual escort missions. Or clearing a mine field to free a trapped carrier inside. Stuff like that.

Would be good to spice up the Level 1 and 2 missions a bit, that’s the sort of thing new players see first in their career. And hopefully give them the “holy ****, this thing is huuuuuuuge, i want one!” moments that are needed in the beginning to hook you up to the game.

Could also be used to explain some pvp mechanics / modules like liting a cyno for reinforcements to bridge in, holding enemies in place with a warp disruptor so they can’t escape, etc.

Sorry, but forcing PvE on players or even “harass players” that are not interrested in PvE is not a good idea. It will be only annoying for the vets and discourage new players if they can’t do what they want or get attacked by these when they want to bring their loot to Jita. They will just leave the player corp and go back to the safety of NPC starter corps. Or leave the game in frustration. The pirate FOB’s are allready borderline for many.

It could only work in the form of some kind of wardec / crusade against the NPC’s you can sign your corp up for. But it has to be voluntary if a corp decides to do so or not.

All in all is your idea of “mini incursions” pretty similar to the allready introduced pirate FOB’s i mentioned above. I would rather see the devs expanding on them or working on other things than making a slightly different form of allready existing (and underused) content for the exact same target audience.

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Also known as PvP. PvE is never going to offer risk because NPCs are mindless and players are not. Any PvE system will eventually be solved, optimum ships and strategies will be determined, and then it just becomes one more thing to farm 23/7 (or ignore if the ISK/hour isn’t competitive). The most you can do is make the incoming dps so high that any slight mistake means instant death, but all that gives you is the unsatisfying situation where you’re doing great as long as you press the correct buttons and then your fleet suddenly dies because someone got a bit of a lag spike and couldn’t press the correct button in time.


Merin is right.

No matter what, pve will be clocked and farmed to maximum efficiency within a short space of time. Pve is never risk on it’s own. Risk is provided in pve by putting it somewhere where pvp is more likely happen.

Encountering npc’s or npc’s coming to find you isn’t necessarily a bad concept, but the problem is them getting in the way. A good game doesn’t get in the way of players. Like when npc gatecamps were put in fw space that prevented players from reaching eachother.

this very much.

The problem with PvE isn’t group content, it’s how much ISK/hour can I make, does it have to be split with someone, and is there something easier and less dangerous that is better ISK/hour. If you added PvE that have a lot of ISK and was easily farmed you just killed the other forms of PvE.

What’s more important, is that the worthy content is supposed to be in a competitive space.

Abyssal provide abyssal items, which are sold on the market, which is competitive. The more people play abyssals, the less worth they become. Soon all the books will be worth not much, only isogen will be worth anything. The BPCs will become worthless too, unless CCP makes sure the loot is proportionnal - becasue right now the limiting factor is isogen IIRC.

DEDs do the same, but with two layers or competitions : first they are limited in their access, second they give items and very few isks (like the abyss), so there is a competition in the market. If more people do ded running, then the amount of drops will quickly reach a maximum point, at which point the value per player decreases inversely to the number of player.
Actually there is a third layer of competition, because the loot tables are dynamic, and the number of drops of an item is limited per period of time.

Anomalies have the same three-layer of competition : they are limited in number, the loot from commanders is worth nothing if too many people farm them, and the loot of the commanders is also limited per period of time. The issue being, they are still easily accessible whatever is your non-wormhole space - and that NS value is in the raw isks, not in the loot ; but one could argue that the LOOT value of NS anoms is so low precisely because they are too abundant.

I’ll pass on relic and data sites, which are obviously subject to the same two-layer competition.

so now the issue : how are the missions competing ? First, many missions do not provide an high raw isk, but LP/loot that can be exchanged for isks on the market. Then LP require to trade with other people to get the tags in correct amount, which makes an import competition. so it’s still a two-layer competition, but just like anoms they have been so farmed that the loot/LP rewards is worth not much compared to what it was supposed to - just as anoms they can be farmed more easily for raw isk/h .
That changed a bit with the burners, but actually burners just increased the LP worth of mission for a short time, after that the isk/lp of corporations decreased as a result of people doing more burners. If you look at soe LP store we are quite far from the 3k isk/lp you can do with other corporations, while they have the items that are the most sold.

SO. A PVE content need to provide rewards for playing it ; but in eve all the rewards need to be competitive, that is consumable item (books are not), and the direct isk reward must be related to how easy it is to disrupt your activity. Typically “the maze” should be the lowest isk reward :stuck_out_tongue: . And of course if there is no reward for an activity, it thus becomes a waste of time.

Given the idiotic replies of “NOPE NOPE NOPE WE DON’T WANT PVE” and CCP sitting in the background not even saying anything like, “hey thanks for the suggestion we will consider it”. I am going to quit this game for good. I have a 65mil SP toon and I’m going to extract all of the SP and trash the skill injectors. I hate you CCP. You could have done so much with this game, it could have been so amazing, EVE could have been the game that captured the hearts of the vast majority of gamers out there. But oh no. Your 'THIS IS PVP ONLY IF YOU WANT PVE GO PLAY WOW" mentality has driven away nearly all people who have ever tried this game. And I hope you burn to the ground while you sit on your asses relying on your whale income. I’ve personally seen some whales leave this game, and recently too, from out of Goons to boot. So your demise is coming. It’s just around the corner. It was just around the corner when your business model of MAKE PVP GREAT AGAIN has failed so miserably that you had to release PLEX, and then alpha F2P accounts. And those F2P accounts turned into P2W accounts. This game is a massive joke. It’s even more of a joke than Star Citizen. CCP, you are total idiots. And you aren’t getting any more of my money. Enjoy your mundane, boring, shitty platform that you refuse to ever change. Good by for good.

Good. Bye!

PS: can I have your stuff?


Nerfing pvp was ‘make pvp great again’?

This amount of salt …

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