Looking for South African players

Hi Guys

Any south african players around to play alongside?

I have met plenty of South African players over the years. However you don’t really see them together in one corp. There is to few to give a person options to join that one for indy or that one for PVP. We also rarely advertise, South Africans Here.

Aside from my Umkhonto we Sizwe corp I use to run, which was a pirate/wardeccer corp back in 2010 with just South Africans in it, there was the Knysna Grim Reapers which was part of the -10 alliance. Pirating and ransoming out of lowsec.

But for the most part you will find them all over being in corps that fit their type of gameplay. That should be your first though. Join a corp that fits your needs to enjoy the game. If you potentially find some to play with you might find what they do in the game does not fit what you wanted to do which might negatively impact your EVE experience.

I would say, look for EU TZ corp that fits your game style needs. Learn, grow and then move on from there.

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So found some players so we set up a high sec corp seeing as we all still new we are now learning together

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