South African Players

Would like to hookup with SA players in EVE.

Hello Daar,

There are few corps and players.

Most ZA players are -10 pirates or doing some sort of pirating (Well from the ZA people I met most of them are hard PVP characters, have seen very little in the way of PVE and mining). I myself am a old ruffian who use to be known as the end boss of Hisec under a different character. If you like that kind of gameplay look for a corp called Knysna Grimreapers. Last I checked they were part of the -10 alliance that prey on people going into lowsec.

If you need some help you can send ingame mail to Kannibal Kane. I will assist a fellow ZA getting his feet in the game. A new char I created as I want to come back to the game and resume my shenanigans.

\o Howzit CJ

Man, there are not that many high profile ZA corps in EVE any more.

The Place To Be for noobs and Industry / PVE players in nullsec used to be SAB (South African Brotherhood later some other similar names but still the same solid core of guys) and for PVP a good place to try as a newish player was WCS (Warp Core Stabilisers) They are still going if you’re interested, some very decent guys in there.

But as with most things in this hobby leadership gets tired of having 2 jobs and the okes in charge like Faye Crystal, Mc Fly(RSA), Quickk, and AcidF move on with their RL and new bras take over and the corp direction changes.

Three Captains (I think that’s what they were called) might still be going, also a good high ZA member count industrial group at one point. Mostly wormhole related stuffs with them.

I haven’t logged in for almost 9 months LOL So much of my info is probably really old now :wink: Need to check the skill queues, old habits :smiley:

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Goeie more

We are a south african corp with a few members already. All of us us saffers except 1 thats an ausie that moved to SA 14 years ago.

You are welcome to have a chat with us

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