Looking for the WH corp, 105M SP, UTC+9

Hi there. I’ve been in nullsec corp for roughly a half year and just started to look around for wormhole communities.
I’ve served for the deity of BOB most of the time through my past EVE life.
I had been in C2 with HS/C3 static for 2 years and C5 with C5 static for approximately a year. Right after leaving C5, I moved into current corporation and have been taking a little hiatus.
You can check details of my histories through EVEwho and zKillboard.

I’m in Japan (UTC+9) and available around 10:00 to 15:00 UTC but it varies from day to day.
Really bad at English especially through comms. I do comprehend some part of the context while fleeting though, I would have to crash my own ice to speak up there.

I’d like to look around all the scenery as much as I can before making decision. Let me know your ads if you are WH-PVP corporation with some tolerance for Engrish noob. Regardless of your J-class.

I have at least 4 toons available in the space.
One is my main character which has 105 M SP and flyable of all subcapitals but T2 battleships. Zero capital skills. Please check though EVEskillboard if interested. You know the password … the deity of the J-space.
Other three characters are support alts. All three are Covert Ops 5 and flyable Loki with perfect scanning skills. One of them is nearly perfect Naglfar pilot and another is Capital roller. One of these three alts are gonna be brought in if “Decent scanning alt in another account” is required to apply.

I’m mainly aligning for high-class wh brawl but I’m interested in kitchen sink or small gang techniques if I had chances to learn about them.

I’m interested in High-class WH brawl / Low class cloaking gang / kitchin sink or small gang in WH, or NS if available
I’m not Not much interested in K-space relations / Evictions
I dislike Drama for now.

For the love of BOB.

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Always intrested to take you on buddy,
If u want to get back into WHs ^^
TZ would be the only issue as im unsure who wr have around that time.

Hi furu. Thank you for the post.
yep the timezone should be matter … TDSIN looks heavily EUTZ’d than I had expected … :sleeping:
I’ll grab your recruit channel soon :tm:.

No worries m8,
Our USTZ is our strongest fvy.
But our EU is rather strong aswell yeh ^^

Hey Katana, I’ve recently formed up a C5-5 WH PvP corp with some friends migrating from C4 space. We’ve been at it a bit over a month now and we’re having plenty of fun taking the good fights and growing together.
We’re definitely on the smaller side in terms of members compared to the more established C5 corps, but we’re looking to grow and get into the bigger cap brawls in due time.
We take just about every fight we have a reasonable expectation of winning, and we’re PvP centric.

We take content just about wherever we can find it, and don’t limit ourselves to just J-Space for example.
If you’re interested at all in checking us out or seeing a little bit more of what we’re about you can hop into our discord channel here:

and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Well. I may have some presence in both of your TZ as well.:sleeping:

Hi mr.Joey. THank you for the post. I think I’ve heard your name recently.
I’ll hop on channel soon. :wink:

Hey Sinner’s Trajectory is a C5-C5 wormhole PVP corp. We have a larger USTZ with smaller AU and EU timezones. We like to do small gang roams in nullsec, brawls with our chain neighbors, and the occasional eviction or large op. If you are interested in joining, check us out here: Sinner’s Trajectory [C5-5] PVP

Fly safe o/

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