Looking for Thera community to be part off or co-work with

Hi there,

I am looking for a group that operates from Thera. I’m old school pvp:er that only enjoy a good nano roam with a good fight.

I can consider joining your ranks or just tag along with my own Corp if posible.

Personally I want my blues to be minimum as posible and not get involved in politics and ■■■■. Don’t really need nor want sov space or be part of the blue donut concept

I’m have been around since 2004 so I have enough ink and skills to fly all ships out there.

Let me know if you do what I am hopping to find



Hey Primary. What is your discord? Some buddies and I have started a Thera discord.

Hi there m8,

Just send me your discord and I’ll join it so we can talk some.


Ping me when you join!

hi philip ricker,

can you send me an invite again please


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