Looking for Thera community to be part off or co-work with

(Primeryissecondary) #1

Hi there,

I am looking for a group that operates from Thera. I’m old school pvp:er that only enjoy a good nano roam with a good fight.

I can consider joining your ranks or just tag along with my own Corp if posible.

Personally I want my blues to be minimum as posible and not get involved in politics and ■■■■. Don’t really need nor want sov space or be part of the blue donut concept

I’m have been around since 2004 so I have enough ink and skills to fly all ships out there.

Let me know if you do what I am hopping to find


(StonerPhReaK) #2


(Philip Ricker) #3

Hey Primary. What is your discord? Some buddies and I have started a Thera discord.

(Primeryissecondary) #4

Hi there m8,

Just send me your discord and I’ll join it so we can talk some.


(Philip Ricker) #5

Ping me when you join!