Looking highsec carebear Egmur area returning player

I have been gone six years. I am needing to relearn the game. Have miner trained up to indy cap ship — roughly 34mil skill points in all ores and ice and perfect manufacturing.

I can go solo but prefer the social aspect of the game.

Once set up I plan to get my BPO’s back to researching and churning out ships and mods.

Let me know if interested.

Hey Coyote,

I know it’s a far stretch from where you are but Leviathan Rising is recruiting.

Dotlan link

They are an indy corp on a little HS island out in the middle of nowhere but only a few jumps from any content if you so wish to seek it. As well as being active in NPSI fleets(bombers bar and Spectre fleet) Levi has a wide range of activities to offer as well as timezones.

Check their bio for more info in game. Talk to sunstar or Mialta for some more info.

Milli o7

PM/EVEmail me if you have any questions

The reason for Egmur is 4.1 billion in assets at that location.

Lol, upon logging in, I am a Bustard, out in .3 sec space.

Corp my main is in, do a bit of everything, big mining presense though near Hek if that sounds good for you?

Hek was an old stomping ground of mine. I be willing to take a look see.

CEO is Eric Shang, corp is Academy of Unseen Arts, its an open corp so if you like the sound just put in an application


Leave High sec come earn your riches in Nullsec with Ruthless Regiment!!

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