Looking to Buy Miner, Hauler and or trader Char

3b budget Ideal but will increase budget depending on the character shown. Reprocessing and T2 indy skills would also be a great bonus.

I could do 3b. Low SP from 2012 but focused on gallente freighter, mining, and advanced indy 4

If you had cybernetics 5 and evasive maneuvering 4 at least I would consider but not as it is now. I don’t mind buying the toon but my offer is not gonna be anywhere close to 3B

I like the name tho, really into Japanese style names

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I’d do less, would it be anywhere close to 2.5?

edit: forgot to mention npc corp, positive wallet, currently in hisec, no KR, no jump clones

I messaged you ingame

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