Looking to buy pvp toon 60-90 million sp - 70 Billion ISK Budget


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Please link your eve-boards and zkillboards here, along with a price you are looking for. If you are not sure of a price just leave it blank and I will make an offer

Budget 70 Billion ISK

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Daily Bump

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Daily Bump added a budget of 70 Billion ISK

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Hi, im sell one. 80b = http://eveboard.com/pilot/jaseury

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I already bid on your toon in your post, I offered you like 6 bill above extraction price but you did not accept. 80 bill is above my budget by 10 bill and with 82 million SP toon its not really worth it. I will reinstate my 2nd offer to you of 68 bill I cant go a penny higher than that for this toon.

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My dear, I’m selling the pilot to anyone who wants a pvp char, subs capital, logistics, PVE, whit goods stands 8 / 9 / 9,5, wallet positive. Ready to make money 150m / hour and if farm a little skils some 300m / hour.
First that above 50m the value of the skill goes falling, then in if I am not mistaken 70m falls again and finally after 80m falls in half. (this is when you will inject the skillpoints)
So making an equal char with that value that you think is worth it, is not quite the truth.

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M8 im not telling you how or for what amount to sell you character, Im telling you that my top dollar is 68 Billion.

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Daily Bump

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Not exactly the amount you looking for but this toon is well trained no waste http://eveboard.com/pilot/HippyChick_420 check it out o7

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http://eveboard.com/pilot/Subject_89P13 pass 1234

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Gauging interest on my toon here - willing to sell him for the right price. let me know what you think.


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Interested can you send me an eve mail with a price you were thinking of.

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Interested can you eve mail me a price you were thinking of.

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Interested can you eve mail me a price you were thinking of

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sure ill send you an evemail

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evemail sent

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You can have me for 45b

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