Looking to carrier rat with my alt in a pve and or renter corp

I’m looking for a home for my alt to carrier rat to make some side isk. Only thing is that I do a lot of pvp on my main so it makes it tough to get my alt into places. Hit me up on here or in game if you wanna talk and thanks in advance! :christmas_tree:

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Well we aren’t a pve/renter Corp, we are however a uk based Corp, that holds sov through our alliance, we have good space for the likes of ratting etc. You said you do a lot of pvp with your main, maybe look to move both toons to the likes of us, where you can pvp pew pew with main, and carrier rat with alt when quiet.
Food for thought maybe, if it’s some thing that appeals to you down the road, join brittas empire public for a chat, or can join discord https://discord.gg/tZacyWu for a chat, see what’s what




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