Looking to chill out for at least a month

(Nanyana Diya) #1

I am a long time player of eve with 2 characters with at least 86m skill points. My corporation fell apart and I’m doing some solo stuff atm. I have extensive WH and null sec experience.

I am looking to chill out for a month, because I’ll be going on vacation in about 40 days. I am looking for a small scale PvP adventure. I am doing some Caldari Faction Warfare atm, but it’s getting kind of lonely by myself. I don’t have alot of solo PvP experience but I am getting used to it quick and am willing to learn. When I loose a fight I immidiatly try to see if my opponent is willing to talk and see what I can do better next time. I have more then enough ISK to dump into ships atm, so losses are no problem for me.

I hope to make some new friends before I go on vacation and have some laughs destroying other ships or getting blown to pieces myself.

(Dexter Annages) #2

Hey check Mcav.

(system) #3

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