Looking to get back into the game,

Hi Folks,

I have just come back into the game after a few years out, much has changed and it will take some time to get back into the swing of things. I have a young family and play time is difficult but I am active and willing to learn and most importantly have a laugh within the game.

My toon Asvasi has just over 33m SP, at the moment. What I am looking for is more null sec mining/PVP/PvE corp, has discord or ts3, and has a good ore buy-back scheme in place,

I can currently fly t2 barges and I am working on my resource processing skills. when it comes to PVP/PvE I can fly both Minmatar and Amarr t3 cruisers, hacs, heavy dictors, cepters, all with t2 guns and missiles,

I am a 40-year-old guy from Scotland, looking for an active and friendly corp from UK/EU time zones, Not interested in WH corps,

thanks for reading and safe flying

if by any chance, you are interested to make 600m/h + and PvP most of the time in WH space, feel free to hit us up :slight_smile:

then why don’t you join my corp?

Hi I am also in the UK shame its null sec you want oh well, but my corp and alliance are in High sec and low sec. If your interested check out my corp…

Hi @Asvasi_Oemson,

I’m CEO of THe Dark Vanguard - and EUTZ PVP & PVE Corp based in Null Sec. We pretty much have everything you’ve asked for - buyback, good ISK making, fleets and generally a fun corp to fly with.

Stop by for a chat: The Dark Vanguard

Full Ad is here: The Dark Vanguard - EUTZ Null Sec Corp (Newbro Friendly)

I highly suggest you check out the corp I belong to, CEEK.

UK based small corp, Immensea sov, excellent space to mine ( moons x3 and ore anoms, mercoxit etc, manu, invent all in our pipe pocket, we dont take things too seriously… but no one throws shiz away mind… jump into shield107 in game or mail me Edrik Prime for more info and to see if we r a good match for each other ?
cheers Ed.

we are pretty much in the same boat our leadership came back during covid and never left, we have active almost nightly corp lead fleets. generally a pvp corp with great space to rat,scan and such

o7 I would appreciate it if you had a read over my post linked below I think you may be a good fit for us :slight_smile: if not have a great day and best of luck o/

[(Immortalis [10101] - Shadow Cartel Recruitment Info)]

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