Looking to HELP OUT a new player-friendly corporation

If you’re in a new-ish corporation that seeks expertise, read this.

I have some free time, so I’m going to attempt a project. I’ve been helping new players for many years now, getting them into the game and teaching them in a mostly one-on-one mentoring capacity (primarily PvP and survival-focused knowledge, though I don’t withhold any other type of knowledge if the players aren’t interested in PvP).

I’m looking for a mid-size (or larger) corporation consisting of new-ish, average players, with a mix of abilities and desired gameplay experiences, that could use someone knowledgeable to help guide them. No strings attached - I don’t want or need formal leadership roles (although I might require some access to tools, such as role/title management, fitting management, and maybe one or two wallet/hangar divisions that would be set up for things like pre-fit ships and ship replacement funds). Nor do I want to make any executive decisions (that wouldn’t be interesting for me, and would defeat the purpose of this project).

Some criteria I’m looking for:

  • mid-size corporation of at least a few dozen (or more) active players
  • active leaders are a must; also, no tyrants
  • has to be located in high-sec/low-sec; partial wormhole/null-sec presence or day-tripping is fine, but if you’re an established wormhole/null-sec group, you should already know what you’re doing, and don’t need my help
  • mostly industrial is fine, but you have to be open/welcoming to the idea of conflict and PvP; if I don’t think there’s enough, I will create some myself whether you like it or not

What I’m not looking for:

  • to be a cog in a very large-scale new player-friendly group (e.g. the rookie training wings of big null-sec groups, or massive anonymous groups like SICO)
  • to join an established null-sec or wormhole group as a line member (seriously, please don’t put your recruitment copy-pastas into this thread - I have a very specific intent and purpose here)
  • tiny high-sec mining/mission-running corporations - you won’t benefit from my presence

I probably won’t stay forever. I also won’t be joining on this character - this is just my main, and my established forum persona. I’ll either use an alt, or inject a new one from scratch.

Interested? Put something here. You can also send me a mail, but I might not notice it right away.

hmmm… interesting advert… Whats your timezone?

We are a high Sec/Low Sec mostly corp, focus on pew,pew sence that seems to be what u wanna approach for the newbros.
Always welcome an extra pair of hands to help out the new cadets.

Let me know, lets have a talk? :sunglasses: :v:

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Githany, Aiko, and I have a lot of fun in the C&P forum section, so I’m familiar with you guys.

It seems that your activity is currently almost entirely focused on anti-ganking in the main pipe. Unfortunately, I’m just not interested in performing that specific activity mostly due to its nature, and a little bit due to its intent. While I support both sides of the equation (and even have a character in Safety), I dislike that anti-ganking mechanics are essentially limited to riding the coattails of an NPC police force. I understand that it’s a limitation of this game’s design, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. I also don’t think that AFK players on autopilot should be necessarily saved.

So, as I already told Githany: if you guys ever switch focus to other types of activities (and I mean truly switch focus instead of just doing them on the side), such as wardec assistance, low-sec patrolling, and mercenary work, then I could absolutely join and help out. But a 99% focus on anti-ganking activities doesn’t appeal to me, and quite frankly, it’s not something you need help with anyway as the limited breadth of the activity means you’ve already mastered it with the resources you already have.

I’m US TZ, by the way, but since I’m working from home, I have good coverage throughout the day.

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greetings for OP for helping new guys out. I don’t have much free time but I may help as long it doesn’t take too much of in-game time. anything you guys need talk about plz convo me in discord kritikosk8#5153

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Understandable, just thought that your help could actually be the fuel that moved us towards that “switch” you are talking about :sunglasses: :v:

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I just don’t have the time to perform heavy micromanagement; only to act in an advisory capacity and help coordinate fights/ops. When you guys actually start transitioning for real, let me know (or have Githany let me know), and we’ll take it from there. It would have to be predominantly your effort - I would just help plug efficiency gaps and train members in skills and tactics they might not yet be aware of.

This reply should also be considered my daily bump. Going to try to keep it around US East evenings, as that’s my peak activity time.

But ofc my friend :grin: Good luck in your cause :sunglasses: :v:

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Are you still looking? I am looking for someone to bring to the table just what I think you’re offering.

Yes, mail me the details, and I’ll get back to you.

Bump for now.

Sent ig mail. Thanks,

Still searching. Will do a few more bumps, and then either choose from one of the groups that contacted me, or put this on hold until a more favorable time.

Well even when you mentioned you are not looking to join big groups like sico we do have a lot lf smaller corporations inside the linknet corporation (which sico is the public face of).

Each of them focus on their own thing and then share their content toward the big groups like sico to introduce different gameplay for new players. A list of our partners can be located in here.

We also have a emissary program that allows you to run content rand fleets within oru community without a partnership. Works pretty much like eve unis guest FC program.

Always open to have veteran players show the NewBros how to do things correctly! I’m returning from an 8 year break and looking to be a NewBro friendly High Sec Corp. Check us out, if we fit, hop in the discord!

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