Looking to hire new player trainers

Looking to hire up to 4 people to be new player trainers, the goal is to train up new players all the way up to almost an intermediate level of game knowledge. Once they are at a decent level they are funneled into our main corporation.

Starting Salary is 200 Plex a Month, plus bonuses for each successful player that migrates into the main corporation.

Omega Pilots are preferred, however it does not need to be a main account, so long as there is a fair amount of time dedicated to it in comparison to your in-game time, Thus ideal for extra characters on character sheets (so long as they are not minimum SP).

Must have knowledge of the aspects:

  • PVP (Small gang, and small ship)
  • Mining
  • Production
  • Reactions
  • PVE (Missions)
  • Exploration
  • Game Mechanics/Aspects
    - Weapon Mechanics
    - Module Mechanics
    - Piloting Mechanics
    - NPC Factions (Generalized; e.g angel, serpentis, ORE ect) and what they are about

Must have ability in:

  • Management
  • Communication
  • Teaching

Other Requirements:

  • All our paid teacher’s accounts must be on our ESI tool

Reach out to me via discord if you would like to discuss your interest: aLagger#6120


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