Looking to join a friendly corp around amarr region

hi new player looking for decent corp with friendly mates who could show me the ropes a bit so i can get some hands on exp i’d like to try to stay around amarr region so if any corp willing to take me in please feel free to mail me or msg me in game i have already figured the api system out so i do have a api

If you are interested, Miners Legion is a null sec corporation and we’re always open to new members. Null sec can seem daunting, especially to newer players, but it’s probably the safest place to be in Eve. If interested, have a look at our recruitment post.


Check out the in game channel ‘The HEDWAY Network’ pretty cool community there

We’re very friendly.

You could try Krysis Guard; we fight Amarr faction war which is a great way for alphas/newbros to get isk

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