Looking to Rent 5-6 Systems for Small Corp Moving to Null

Let me know what ya got!

If you wanna possibly move into wormhole space instead I have a few systems for sale. Wormholes make much more isk, ecspeccially C5 and C6 systems. Mail me !

No thx I’ve lived in wormholes before, looking to be in null. Thanks anyway though!

Hi bud,

We’re a small null Corp looking to grow is like to offer a chat to see if our goals align and possible membership.

Join our discord to chat

If you guys are looking for industry and ratting, I am now brokering a C1-null, it is setup for industry and mining, comes with minerals and rorqs. Mail me if interested. You could ratt out the null static.

I’m a rental manager for The Inititiave.'s rental program. We have systems in Fountain, Cloud Ring and Querious.

Available systems with prices
Rental Policy

If you are interested or have any questions feel free to send me an ingame mail or poke me on discord: Brontes#6725. We also have an ingame channel “INIT. Rent” for more information.

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