Looking USTZ 38mil main, Alt with 24mil with JF and cap skills

Looking USTZ Currently in low sec not far from Providence looking for a new Corp


Hey! I started a lore-based corporation, but we’re still working to recruit members, so we’re still on the smaller side. We’re moving into lowsec Molden Heath with our alliance, with NPC null and then sov null on the books. Even if RP/lore isn’t your thing, you still got a home here, it’s just the background of the corp. and its name. Look us up in game at “Congress on Luminaire Republicanism”, ticker: “CO.LR”. You can find more info on the corp information tab there. Fly safe o/

We’re the Valklears - a corp living on it’s own in deep disconnected nullsec, loyal to the Guristas Pirates. Member of WINMATAR.

We are looking for a few more capsuleers to join us killing everyone, disrupt nullsec routes and reap the rewards of being a Guristas…

If you are intrested to know more - convo me :slight_smile: :laughing:

Oumpaa - Fancy nullsec with a established corp with Industry and PvP!

Come chat with us we have lots to offer active member ton of content and most importantly a good time

sent you an eve mail!

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