Loot disappearing when moving from Mobile Tractor Unit to ships Cargo hold

100% saw this happen today loot inside the Mobile Tractor Unit was 1000x stack of faction ammo then when moved to cargo it ended up being 100 Iron Charge 100 Plutonium Charge and 100 Thorium Charge.

Anyone else see such happen?

System or server lag, they appeared in my cargo hold just now, even the red dot appeared.

It was Dick Turpin the highway man


Also do you know why only some times receive the red dot treatment when moving from Mobile Tractor Unit over to your ships Cargo Hold?

/oh no horse theft was observed here today.

The loot fairy gave it back after Rick the pawnbroker said the best he could do was tree fiddy.

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I just like how it somehow appeared in my cargo hold after this thread was created.

I mark it up that they know how much of a snowflake I am.


the kind that would melt on the bonnet of your ship

You just get sweeter by the moment, my little Ice cream

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