What He Said: Red Dots

I looked all over the patch notes and never found anything on it. My experience is when looting wrecks every thing comes aboard with a red dot on it, pass the cursor over it, the red dot goes away. What exactly is the purpose, what is it telling me that I’m not picking up on. And why, with all the other problems players and devs have, do we need a new graphic for game/account shutdown?

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We have to imagine SOME people in the office knew this was a bad idea. I can only imagine the water cooler talk tomorrow.


I apologize, didn’t see the previous post when I posted this, all I saw was the locked post for what ever reason I haven’t figured out yet.

So you heard.

Tom’s red dot thing? Yeah, they hated it.

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… Mew-mew

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Today’s morning briefing of the production team in Iceland should closely resemble this famous scene from Fawlty Towers.


Keep the DOTS!!! They are helpful to find what you just put in a container when you have Billions worth of junk. I may be putting something of value i just looted, like an implant or faction mod.

Shut up.

Nobody knows, not even the devs who made it.

Crimson Spheres

Someone actually thought this up; presented it and then someone said it was a good idea. Person 1, 2 and 3 need medicine.

In before lock.

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