Anyone else see this and get all excited and think, sweet i got something good then realize…aweee its just that 150 Gatling gun i made…lolololol

I’d like to see the responsible person fired tbh.
The visual and sound design is just flat out offensive - and they didn’d even think about where it makes sense to trigger this nonsense - like playing the stupid bell sound every 2 sec while salvaging a site wich took over 2 weeks to fix etc.
Missing the opt out option for something that should be a tutorial only feature is just the final nail in the coffin really.

Read the OP … it is not about the red dot.

Yes it is, it’s in the title.
And i get to enjoy loads of red dot due to this event as well.
“Free drugs” i have to delete from my redeem queue because im missing the skill on most of my alts is also bad design but the offensive red dot really drives that point home.
Another “offensive” design element this event is the stupid humming noise the reward collecting window makes.
Much to take note of for anyone at CCP working with UI and menues.


@Nicolai_Serkanner is a narcissist sociopath with mommy issues you’re actually lucky you got more then a “No fuk off” which @Nicolai_Serkanner can usually only muster.


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