[LORDE] - null sec alliance for you!

(Evertrader) #77

If you are looking for something different. If you are looking to be a ground floor of alliance and enjoy the benifits. If you want to learn how to PVP. Join us today!!! There is some fun stuff going down in LORDE.

We are not your average alliance.

(Evertrader) #78

bump …

(shimrock) #79

Brittas empire are also part of the alliance if you’d want to check us out :slight_smile: o7

(Kate Siwalina) #80

We are still opened!

(Kate Siwalina) #81

Have you ever wanted to make yourself somebody but just a random player in your cororation/alliance? Join us today and make it happened!

(Kate Siwalina) #82

Bump! :slight_smile:

100MIL+ SP Player Entertaining Corp Suggestions (Null + Industry + PVP)
(Kate Siwalina) #83

Still opened!

(Evertrader) #84

Great alliance to be a part of - come join the adventure

(Kate Siwalina) #85

Come join us today!

(Kate Siwalina) #86


(Skyler Ravenpyre) #87

Hello! Honestly from what I’m reading this might be a good fit (If you’re still taking new players) And having said that…what is the best way to make contact?

(Kate Siwalina) #89

Hey! You can easily ping me on discord - Glorfindeil#2642

(Skyler Ravenpyre) #90

Will Do! Will have to wait till my corporate overlords release me (Still at work…LOL)
Should be home by 7 EST I am RavnPyre on discord

(Kate Siwalina) #91

Just add me and ping me as soon as you can! Because without numbers I can’t find you :frowning:

(Skyler Ravenpyre) #92

~sigh~ Sorry about that RavnPyre#4324 on discord…I always forget the # part…

(Kate Siwalina) #93

Your security doesn’t allow me to send a friend request :slight_smile:

(Skyler Ravenpyre) #94

Sent you one :slight_smile:

(Kate Siwalina) #95

Come join us today!

PVP Corp - Looking for alliance
(Kate Siwalina) #96

We are still opened!

Rorqual Pilot, 3 Hulk alts
(Kate Siwalina) #97

We are still opened!