[Lore Change Idea] Jump Bridge, War Raft, Warclones

proposal / idea / concept

change the lore behind jump bridge technology.
Current Lore: (not sure what the current lore is to be honest not entirely)
but it does something to make you travel below hyperspace within the universe energy barrier (or something to that effect, its been a while)

proposed new lore: jump bridge technology uses the reactions of fuel blocks to charge things with exotic particles in order to make this the above stated travel possible, this also means the bigger your ship, the more fuel you need to jump.

this being said technology will always get smaller, so perhaps the new internal security forces could develop a “Jump Room” network system which connects a planet to a small orbital structure called the “War Raft” this jump bridge connection allows Warclones the ability to jump from planet to space, more importantly they can jump from War Raft → War Raft within the same system.

War Raft’s could also connect to the Jump Gate Network allowing a Warclone, with his equipment to go from planet, to space, to gate to next system independently of capsuleer travel.

supporting capsuleers would in fact then make the journey a lot faster.
to quote
" Doctor : Excuse me, that’s not time travel. It’s like, I’ve got a sports car, you’ve got a Space Hopper."

naturally this needs to be paraphrased and the war raft might not need to be at EVERY planet, perhaps one per system, this way two games can work in parallel and yet still be heavily connected, but the premise here would be to literally walk through a wall and end up on a planet amidst a battle.

working with capsuleers should support orbital strikes & drop pods for raw gun slinging battlefield immersion goodness

also regarding FPS aspect of the game, I personally think a look at battlefield 2 should be done how squad commanders used to be voted in and their rank allowed them to respond to requests for equipment and UAV’s and such on the battlefield.

thanks for reading!

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