Wormholes - Clone jumps within the system

First, let me make it clear this is not about being able to jump in and out of a wormhole system, i get that shouldnt be possible and would be both lore and game breaking.

BUT im having a really hard time understanding why you cannot jump from one clone facility to another, in the same solar system?
I mean, if i can see the structure my self, shouldnt clone facilitites be able to “talk together”? Makes sense right? Unless sleepers have some kind of “clone transfer jamming device”!?

So i am proposing being able to jump between clone facilities, in a wormhole system, with a 24h cooldown timer.
This would allow players to easily transition clones without flying around between structures and provide more tactical choices for wormholes, be it evictions or backstabbing your enemy while they are at your frontdoor.

Im also assuming this isnt a thing because of “technical obstacles” and it might not be possible, but who knows how advanced this Upwell tech really is!


you should not be able to easily get out of a well camped wh structure

More likely that you realize, especially if the current jump clone code stuff hasnt changed since it was first written (excluding the addition of the “hotswap” you can do in citadels, even with an active timer).

@Lugh_Crow-Slave tell me why that is, when its perfectly possible in every other solar system in the game?
Does sleepers really have “clone jump jammers” or are you just trying to limit wormhole space unnecessarily?
Whats the “gameplay” idea and the lore explanation, behind not giving this option to wormholes?

@Krysenth Yeh im sure that is the main reason why something like this hasnt been done. I hope they can overcome those obstacles eventually. But if the clone jump code is as old as the chat system were, it might be abit of an issue lol

so is jumping between systems. that is not an argument.

J-space is supposed to be harder and more dangerous and we like it that way

You say “we”, yet the majority of people i play and have played with, in wormholes, would like this.
Dont generalise unless you got actual data to back it up…

And we already established this has nothing to do with jumping between systems, so dont start mixing that in here. Thats a whole other argument.

J-space is certaintly more dangerous and harder, thats one of the reasons ive lived there for 6 years. This wont make it any easier, it will add more options of gameplay. Given that you cant just bring in reinforcements, most of the time, wormholes can benefit from more tactical options like this.

Please bring better counter arguments then “its suppose to be dangerous, GTFO”, its hardly valuable feedback.

But why not

Again, we arent talking about jumping between systems, you are taking quotes out of context. We have perfectly valid reasons as to why we should never be able to jump between wormhole systems, yet theres absolutely no reason clone facilities cant communicate within the same system. (other then possible technical obstacles)

Go troll somewhere else.

the reason is literally the same go to the old forum wh section and read post from where structures were originally coming out. We didn’t want these structures to affect the meta in unnecessary ways.

As far as i remember, there were never any talks about jumping between citadels in wormholes. Can you point me to a source perhaps?
I followed the structure development quite clocely, becuase i couldnt wait to get rid of the POS’s we had around.

being able to jump to any clone bay in system does not “add options” it simply forces groups to put up as many clone bays as they can so the enemy has to lock down more stations with already limited numbers.

See! Now we can start the real argument!! Nice one.

I can see your point for sure, but thats kinda easily negated with a 1-5 days cooldown on clone jumps within the same system or maybe disallow jumping into structures that are reinforced?
If you have hole control, the defenders could have 1 chance to make a surprise attack or evacuate. I would hardly call that a huge advantage. With the right limitations, it could work i think.
But you are absolutely right in saying that it will be abussed, if not regulated harshly.

if it cant be done when in RF you are just asking for needless allocation of dev time because you’re lazy

if it can but just has a long cool down it does not negate the problem i listed

and ultimately adding special conditions on top of special conditions is just bad game design

I think theres a rough idea there somewhere :slight_smile:
But i dont have all the answers obviously. Wormhole is a dangerous meta to deal with indeed.

And im not saying this because im lazy, im just thinking about more options to wormholes.
If CCP said something like “Ehm, the sleepers have advanved technology, cloaked in the system, which scrambles things like clone consiousness tranfers and make it highly unstable, causing loss of skillpoints”, i would suck it right up and shut up haha.

your just unhappy there is no lore reason? good god i hope you don’t venture far out of your bubble because there is a lot of that in eve. FW may make your head explode when you see the map reset after one side “wins”

Yes theres alot and i hate it! Dont even get me started heh!

Im just saying, im looking to either gameplay, software or lore “reasons” for answers to my eve questions.
As far as i can see, this particular subject is a good mix of software and gameplay reasons. Im not even sure the current code could actually differentiate between jumping between structures inside and outside of a solar system.

But i do feel, with the rise of upwell tech for capsuleers, the coming of modified upwell pirate tech and the new Triglavian tech, something like this could be an option for wormholes. In one way or another.

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