Lore friendly and immersive holding station

Closed corps HQ is set to “Doomheim station” at the moment. Why not use a more serious name that fits the lore and doesent break immersion? There is also no information about Doomheim Station when you click it.

I probably know what you are thinking. Why care about details like this? But why not?

Do you know what Doomheim corporation is?

Why do you ask?

To be sure you know what Doomheim is before I decide to discuss your idea :slight_smile:

Lets rename the starter NPC corporations to “Newplayerheim corporation” and then just for the heck of it, lets just have a blank page pop up when players look up the station in game. Just to make sure that everything is in line

Lets rename Guristas to Pirateheim

Doomheim is ending corporation for biomassed characters not for starting so it can’t change its name.
Look it up in contact finder.

Human composting is being legalized across America atm. why call the biomassing station doomheim? It could be a human composting corporation with a cool name. Put some effort into it? Some/most people are paying to play this game, they are dedicating their time to it. Why dont CCP seem to do that?

Lets change EVE Online to Internet Spaceships, because this is what it really is and thus this will clear things out and prevent people from playing the wrong games :wink:

It is foretold, One day the millions of dead characters will re-emerge from Doomheim and invade New Eden in a massive space zombie event.


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