Changes to key images and buildings

Hello! This game is an incredible long-running project and an amazing LORE that many people miss. Why not add something like an encyclopedia to the game like other games have.
Why are emperors, key personalities in other nations and other legendary figures displayed as default skins?)) why not draw something epic or completely different for them?)) With small crumbs we can achieve something even deeper) I also suggest changing the stations ( capitals) of other nations so that it would be visible visually that this is the capital and not just another station of which there are already so many)) Thank you!


OP the CCP art team has a list 100 miles long on things to design, improve, remove, and enhance in this game.

Your suggestion is noted and will be expected to be completed by 2043.

Have a wonderful day!


Fun fact: there used to be an evelopedia, an officially maintained wiki with all things lore and beyond.

Turns out it required a fuckton of maintenance to stay up to date and was scrapped.

EVE Universe is searchable, though.


Also as a player with overview set to view stations with type and not name, i hate how the type is not representing the name at all! How awesome is that Jita 4-4 shows up as “Jita Trading Station” though! More this.

It does now? Gross. It’s called Jita Four Four. :wink:

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Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant

Or just Jita 4-4

This is what i meant to be correct.


As a Caldari, I have to agree.

“Jita trading station” lacks the monolithic cuboidism that comes with “Jita 4-4”.

“Jita trade station” also sounds too Gallente for my liking.