Lost assets from nullsec keepstar

Ummm this new mirror has deleted my assets in null. I had a number of assets in my home system including a titan. Logged into new mirror and it’s all gone Pete Tong.
Yes, a bug report has been filed, but no response nor has ISD responded on sisi channels when pinged.

I saw that they are ‘supposed’ to have automatically gone to asset safety, but no, I have no open asset safety cans that I do not already know about from other systems. Especially not one from my home system. It’s not just this toon I have lost all assets from either, it’s all of them from that keepstar (5 if you ask).

What’s up?

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It’s the test server, not your personal playground. What does it matter? You can buy everything for an isk if you actually want to test something.

It’s test server feedback - the devs stated that everything went into asset safety and it didn’t. Clearly something went awry, which they need to be told about so they can figure it out for next time.

Besides, not everything is seeded to the market, nor is the seeded market location always convenient.

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F12 > report bug

My bad. I jumped the gun and didn’t notice the other post about this mirror.

Titans? No.

They fixed asset safety yesterday, and yes, my titan was returned.

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