Lost all my ships in test server_ anyone else has experienced this?

Lost all my assets in test server … why is that happened?

Can you give more explanation?

TQ is occasionally mirrored to the test server, which means all your skills and ships will be made exactly as they are on TQ. And any progress you made on the test server will be reset.

If you find you are missing assets that you have on TQ, that is probably a bug, but I doubt anyone will care. Now, I could have sworn that there used to be a command for copying your hangar, but can’t find it. Don’t know if I’m mistaken, or if it was removed. Regardless, various stations seed most (but not all) items for 100isk a pop. So, depending on your needs, you should be able to fit up whatever you need quite easily.

If your stuff was all in an upwell, it may have been teleported to an NPC base (due to abuse of Sisi data for TQ intel gathering; I don’t recall the destination system CCP uses for this); check your assets window carefully, including the Asset Safety tab, to be sure it wasn’t moved elsewhere during the mirror process.

I just checked asset safety and all my ships from M-OEE8 - Singularity Testing Keepstar (C C P) and V0DF-2 - 1111 (ST Borg) [including modules etc] are gone for good…
At every other station or Fortizar that I had assets, are a few and worthless items. I used a /shipcopy command to mirror all my ships from Live server > test & nothing happened… I guess I’ll have to buy all the stuff I had, prior of this bug thing loss “accident”___

This mirror has apparently had quite a few issues! please make sure to bug report your missing stuff in-game so CCP is aware. Sorry for the extra work this makes for you.

well look at the bright side if you have to buy everything again, it’s only 100 isk for whatever you are able to buy.

My stuff isn’t under asset safety. It is at an NPC station in low sec “Ilmarin” or something. Checkt there.

It may be kind of annoying, but it is the test server afterall.

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